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Chiku-Chiku (boro) Workshop
Chiku-Chiku in Japanese translates into big stitch.  Students will learn how to layer old and new Asian fabrics on to a background to create a organic base for big stitch quilting. Scrap fabrics work best, even fabric with holes! Nothing is wasted. This workshop is for everyone. It will all be done by hand, no sewing machines needed. Its easy, no rules, and you can use all of those scraps! 
4 hour class
Asian Circles Workshop
Create the illusion of a layered circle quilt. Susan will teach you how to machine qpplique circles in order to eliminate time consuming curved piecing. It's easy, fast and adds a whole new dimension to your quilts. This pattern works well for all kinds of fabric. 6 hours
The traditional Japanese technique of sashiko, hand-sewn quilting along with it's history will be taught in this class. Along with my easy marking ideas for fast projects, we will discuss whether or not to snadwich. Two-three small pieces can be finished in class. 4 hours
Do you have beautiful Japanese fabrics sitting in a drawer because you're not sure how to use them in a quilt?  Take the first step to getting those fabrics out of the closet and into your own unique design. I will show you how to combine Japanese fabrics and Sashiko into a wall quilt. beginners-advance
6 hours
The first day you will learn traditional  stitching and gathering techniques. The second day is spent dyeing your fabric and you will go home with finished pieces. This ancient resist process will reward you with unique results every time.
1st day 4 hours, 2nd day 7 hours.
This Japanese technique of wrapping cloth around a pole and compressing it into folds is fun and easy to learn. Each piece you create will remind you of the rain blown by the wind. Each student will be in charge of a dye vat. 7 hours
Silk Fabric Dyeing
Learn how to dye silk with non-toxic dyes. Shibori, blending,and painting will be explored. It's easy, fun way to begin. Dye kit required, 6 hours
Learn English paper piecing while making a stunning wall hanging.  Handpieced hexagons of Japanese fabrics mixed with Sashiko make a quilt of wonderful texture and movement. beginners-advance 6 hours